Game Of Thrones TV series

Imagine a land where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime. Families as tough and harsh as the lands they try to tame. The Starks are one such family, honor bound to the land, the gods they serve, and to each other. It's a time of magic, of Lords and ladies, of knights and soldiers, assassin's and Bastards, barbarians and nobles. They all come together in a time that is ripe with ill omens, treachery, betrayal, and tragedy. Follow the Starks as they weave the plots and counter plots of victory and terror in the capitol city where political intrigue is the norm. Among all of this a supernatural terror hangs over the whole of the Seven kingdoms. It comes from north of the wall.

Coconut Football Maui, Hawaii Passing Time 2015

Some coconut football with the golden coconut of MAUI JUICE FREEZE. ALOHA #HempireStudios #MauiJuiceFreeze

Cathedral Scuba Dive Tour Maui, Hawaii 2015

Filmed with the GoPro Hero 3+. Pacific Ocean off shore from Maui, Hawaii. Copyright Hempire Studios, 2015. Hempire Studios got together with two ladies visiting Maui, Hawaii to make a video for their tour. Hempire also provided the tour info and setup for booking. Aloha.

Blue Snowball Microphone

Finally a useful USB mic! I purchased my Blue Snowball Mic in February of 2014. I purchased it from Amazon online, and received it about a week later. I was living in Maui, Hawaii at the time, and I had no mic at all. I researched different mics all over the web before deciding to try the Snowball. The main reasons I had decided to go with the Snowball included, price, the USB capability, and the multiple frequency response posistions located on the back of the mic 1-3. At the time I was working with artists in Wyoming over the web. The snowball allowed me to use a Mini USB cord and plug into and record on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Mr Robot TV series Season 1

In my opinion, Mr Robot is by far the best TV series I watched in 2015. I was absolutely hooked after I watched the complete first episode. See I am not personally a genius when it comes to computers, I like to think of myself as WELL above average though. Currently I am learning C++ and Python, so you can see my high interest in this TV series. Right away there was many relations I could fuse between the show and myself. Mr Robot is full of comedy, action, anticipation, and excitement. The show goes back and fourth connecting multiple characters.

GoPro Hana , Hawaii Tour 2015

Hempire Studios & Let Me Show You Maui, got together to create a memory for a family touring the island of Maui. Taken with the GoPro Hero 3+. Maui, Hawaii. Copyright Hempire Studios, 2015. You can find out more about Let Me Show You Maui Tours here. Visit

( Want It All ) LP Release Date Jan 11th, 2016!

We have had a lot of people asking for the new ( Want It All ) LP by HempKid and Illuminator Dj. Hempire Studios has been very busy, yet focused on meeting our goals of selves and fans. Due to distribution companies time frame, we have decided to push the LP back until January 11, 2016. The LP has been a blood and sweat full time job for us. We hope you enjoy this single " Bear Claws " while we wait for the full LP. Thanks again for your understanding for our inconvienence. Please stay tuned, we have many artists including, ChrisBee C, Nate Dogg, Savage, and J bird coming very very soon! Aloha!

Cache LaPorte, Colorado Disc Golf Sesh

Taken with the Galaxy S5. LaPorte, Colorado. Copyright Hempire Studios, 2015.

HempKid Hiking Iao Valley, Maui Hawaii

Taken with the GoPro Hero3+ Silver. Iao Valley, Maui, Hawaii. Copyright Hempire Studios, 2015.

HempKid Cuts Open Coconuts

Taken with the GoPro Hero3+. Maui, Hawaii. Copyright Hempire Studios, 2015.